Electrochemical Deposition of Silver Oxide Nanostructure for CO2 Gas Sensing Application


High-quality 3D silver oxide nanostructures (Ag2O) were deposited in the form of nanocrystals on n-type Si using silver nitrate with low-cost and easily controlled technique, which is electrochemical deposition (ECD). Ag2O has unique potential applications for CO2 gas sensor. The manufacture of a high-performance CO2 gas sensor can be achieved based on Ag2O nanoparticles and growth conditions, such as annealing temperature of the samples produced. Images of Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) showed Ag2O nanoparticles in the form of crystals at different annealing temperatures. High crystallization was achieved with a low level of defects of Ag2O nanostructures prepared at room temperature on Si for the sample annealed at 600 ºC. The XRD pattern showed that the prevailing peak is at (111). The real-time of start/stop was measured with and without CO2 gas applied to a sensor manufactured based on Ag2O nanostructures prepared, response time, recovery and sensitivity (3.8, 4.3 and 37.7%), respectively.