Synthesis ZnO Nanostructure Using Hydrothermal Technique and Study their Structural Properties


ZnO nanoparticles have been successfully prepared using Hydrothermal technology and grain size of the obtained ZnO nanoparticles were determined by using X-Ray Diffraction Technique (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Raman Spectrometer. Results showed that the nanostructure of zinc oxide was Wurtzite structure and the size of crystals was (31.3 nm) while the SEM results showed that the nanoparticles of ZnO were uniform and homogeneous، and the size of the crystalline granules ranged from (50-100 nm). Raman spectrum confirmed the presence of the distinctive pattern E2 at the Wave number of 435 cm-1. The obtained results showed that by using Hydrothermal Technology it is possible to produce good quality of ZnO nanoparticles.