Instructional design according to the Camp model in undergraduate students' achievement of Teaching Methods


The subject of teaching methods is of great importance to students and researchers, despite the length of studies that have been concerned with the subject of teaching methods in research and theory, because there has been a difference in understanding among researchers at the level of perception and appreciation, so the researcher decided to design the teaching methods material in (4) educational units.As the current research aims to design educational programs according to the CAMP model in the subject of modalities prescribed for students of the third stage / College of Basic Education / University of Diyala and measure its impact on the program by examining one null hypothesis.The research community was assessed from the third stage students / College of Basic Education / University of Diyala and their number is (55) students. -2019)A cognitive achievement test was designed to measure the educational program's impact. The educational program and the achievement test were presented to a group of experts to verify its validity, and then the researcher verified the reliability coefficient for the achievement test.To show the results of the research, the researcher relied on a set of statistical methods, including the Pettist test for two independent samples for stability, coefficient of discrimination and difficulty, and Holste's equation for honesty among experts. And they reached a set of conclusions, recommendations, proposals and these conclusions1- The method of presenting the program’s content and the educational aids used in it led to the creation of a desireAnd their motivation is more than what was created by the normal study method among students of the control groupThose who relied on their previous experiences2-The success of the educational program depends on the simplification of the information and experiences it contains -Educational content, which is an important part of the educational process through the content of the units that have been contributed In improving students' cognitive performance.It is these recommendations1-Application of the educational program in the subject of teaching methods to students of other educational institutions.2- The educational program content prepared in the current research can be used in continuing education courses And its application to professors who teach teaching methods in the faculties of Diyala University.It is these proposals1- Employing modern educational models in designing other study materials to prove the program’s effectiveness.2- Employing the educational program to find out its effect in the subject of teaching methods (undergraduate).