Roma Diaspora A Field Study on the Origins of Coexistence and Identity Disorder


Abstract: Roma has the characteristics of social sub-Cultures that make them sub-groups which are coordinated by their own values, and the nature of life, but they are involved in some of the dominant culture in society at large change in the process of coordination process of traditional Roma community in Iraq seems very slow and still below the level of changes that in the whole society take place. The Roma communities in Iraq were moving like the Roma in other countries of the world, But, after 1970 they left the nomadic life and settled on the outskirts of Iraqi cities, According to statistics in 1977, the number of Roma in Iraq was (8523), most people settled in the provinces (Baghdad, Basra, Qadisiyah Al Qadisiyah province is ranked third in, where the numbers of Roma (1195) and Formed (14%) of the total Roma in Iraq, According to 1997 census, the number of Roma in the city of Diwaniyah was (1263) personnel deployed on the (154) housing units In fact, the Roma is the vaguest Sub-groups in comparison with other groups with which they have been in contact or lived with They were seen variously they represent to some people aromatic image of freedom and thirst for love and freedom. Others celli them a group of homeless who do not have loyalty and fidelity to any home As a result of this view they suffered discriminatory colors, and have suffered from inhumane treatment and isolation throws hoot history were practiced against them, Greatest means of subversion, for example, racial discrimination of RomaKeyword : Roma Diaspora, The origins of coexistence , Identity disorder.