The Role of the Central Bank of Iraq in Achieving Financial Inclusion


The subject of financial inclusion has recently become a major area ofinternational and regional attention in general and Arab in particular, because itis the only way to achieve financial and social stability, a milestone for economicdevelopment and the growth of the economies of countries covered by financialinclusion, as well as being a sustainable development goal for 2030, the eliminationof the poor and gender equality. In Iraq, the Central Bank and the banking sectorand the relevant authorities to put financial inclusion into effect as an ambitiousnational subject. The research aims to analyze the indicators of financial inclusion inthe Iraqi economy for the period (2004 - 2018), and to clarify the strategy adopted.The importance of research stems from the fact that financial inclusion isa knowledge tool that helps decision makers in the monetary and banking sectorto take the necessary measures that will eliminate the banking illiteracy of mostsegments of the society (financial education), especially tho se who are poorand lack access to financial services. The research conclud ed with a number ofconclusions, the most important being the limited role of the Central Bank of Iraqtowards achieving financial inclusion when analyzing its indicators for the period(2004 - 2018).