The Effect of Applying Social Responsibility in Accordance with ISO26000: 2010 on Organizational Performance An Exploratory Study in Al-Janoob Islamic Bank


AbstractThis research aims to establish an effect in achieving the application of socialResponsibility in accordance with the international standard (ISO26000: 2010) inOrganizational performance after it has increased the importance of organizations intheir Social role and advancing the welfare of society and its members as a result ofactivities That embody the rise of these organizations with their social responsibility,The Al-Janoob Islamic Bank was chosen as a case to apply the research questionnaireaccording to an Exploratory study of the opinions of a group of individuals workingwithin the bank, which Is the main tool in collecting data and information after itwas prepared by adopting ready-Made standards in previous studies, since thesestandards are laboratory and given results With clear scientific implications Personalinterviews were used as an aid in data collection. The research showed a wide rangeof conclusions, the most prominent of which are: the Bank's social responsibilityin accordance with the specifications of the standard in a Distinct manner, andtheir achievement of good ability to organizational performance, and Achieving afundamental impact of social responsibility in accordance with the terms of theStandard (ISO26000: 2010) in organizational performance.