Religious knowledge and Man’s Ontological Dimensions "mutual relationship in man’s perfection"


The study discusses the ontological dimensions that the Wise Creator has put in human beings to distinguish them from other beings, and it shows how these dimensions have impact on man’s commitment to religion, and how they themselves are affected by religion as well. The study concludes that there is a mutual complementary relationship between these two matters by giving an introduction explaining the concept of religious knowledge and human dimensions, showing that man has fixed facts, and discussing the role of these dimensions in shaping the system of religious knowledge and the role of religious knowledge in forming those dimensions and determining their functions. So, the study explains two facts; the analysis of man’s reality and the impact of religion on man’s perfection.The approach followed in this study is the rational analytical approach alongside with the traditional approach. This is because the result in this study depends on the observation of rational and logical data beside the observation of traditional standards as well. The cognitive dispersion we are undergoing with the discrepancy of goals, methods and behavior drives man to know the standards through which man can find the right way of thinking, and then know the final goal that he must get to; and consequently, the right path that man follows in this life shall be clear.