Aesthetics of employing music in war films


Music in the cinematic work has its elements and its style of embodiment and it has advantages and functions that any person feels, and music is a stand-alone science that is taught in institutes and universities and because of the importance of music in cinema, the researcher chose the topic of music in war films because of its importance in promoting the war film and raising its aesthetic and artistic value, so she wanted The researcher should reveal the aesthetic and artistic levels of employing music in war films, and this is what prompted the researcher to define the title of her research, which is (Aesthetics of employing music in war films), and the research came in the form of the following: Methodological framework: The research problem identified in the following question includes how to use music aesthetically in war films. War movies? Importance of the research: The purpose of the research and the limits of the research: The frame is sealed with terms.