The Most Prominent Difficulty the M.A. Students of Translation Encounter in Translating Mosuli Food and Drink Proverbs into English


This research aims to identify the prominent difficulty facing the translator when translating Mosuli food and drink proverbs into English. Accordingly, a group of Mosuli food and drink proverbs are presented to thirteen M.A. students in the Department of Translation / College of Arts / University of Mosul to translate them immediately into English. After analyzing the students' responses, it is found that the most prominent difficulty facing those translators is that: translators failed to convey the exact meaning of the proverbs into English, due to their lack of awareness that most of Mosuli proverbs like the rest of Arab proverbs contain metaphors, which make the apparent meaning of the proverbs different from the true meanings of the proverbs and therefore, the translation is inappropriate.