Educational Applications of e-learning and its Reflection on Teaching Perspective In light of the Corona Pandemic


The problem of the current research is crystallized by answering the following question:What are the possibilities provided by the application of e-learning in implementing the requirements of the perspective material for students of the Department of Art Education in light of the Corona pandemic?Therefore, the current research aims to reveal the possibilities offered by educational applications for e-learning in teaching perspective material in light of the Corona pandemic.A group of 114 students was formed from the second grade - Department of Art Education / College of Fine Arts for the academic year 2020/21, and then the researcher applied her research tool to the research community, but she got a set of answers amounting to 58 answers provided by the students who attend The educational platform (Classroom) constituted a percentage of 50%, thus the number of the sample for the current research became 30 male and 28 female students.For the purpose of verifying the goal of the research, the researcher designed a form to evaluate the skill performance, which included 20 paragraphs in which the technical concepts of the perspective were taken into account according to this type of education. You need that, then it was returned to them, and I obtained full approval about its validity in measuring the goal that was set for its measurement, and thus the tool became ready for application, and the most important conclusions reached by the researcher are:1- The adoption of e-learning on the use of information and communication technologies to a large extent in order to reach an integrated educational system that serves the educational objectives of the perspective subject.2- E-learning is the fruit of tremendous technical developments and information and knowledge openness.