Climactic geomorphological characteristics of the western plateau region within the province of Najaf


Abstract:-Climatic geomorphological characteristics, which deals with the study of climatic effects on terrestrial shapes, which means that each type of climate gives rise to a similar unit of terrestrial shapes. This research deals with a topic of recent topics in geomorphological studies, which is the extent of the relationship between shapes of the Earth’s surface and climate, and that to study these climatic geomorphology characteristics Significant importance and has become an important element in modern and contemporary studies because all terrain of the Earth’s surface is rooted in its composition It is (the relation of the branch to the original), meaning the root is the climate, if not for the climate, the forms of the surface of the earth would not have formed, and from this standpoint the researcher was interested in shedding light on the geomorphological climatic characteristics in the western plateau region within the province of Najaf. The research included scientific analysis to show the mechanism of the influence of climate geomorphological characteristics on the geomorphological processes prevailing in the research area.Keywords: geomorphological features, The westean Plateau, Al najaf, Al Ashrraf, wind erosion, Rain erosion.