The Effect of the Solution Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Aluminum-Copper Alloy (2024-T3) Using Rolling Process


The effect of solution heat treatment on the mechanical properties of Aluminum-Copper alloy. (2024-T3) by the rolling process is investigated. The solution heat treatment was implemented by heating the sheets to 480 C° and quenching them by water; then forming by rolling for many passes. And then natural aging is done for one month. Mechanical properties (tensile strength and hardness) are evaluated and the results are compared with the metal without treatment during the rolling process. ANSYS analysis is used to show the stresses distribution in the sheet during the rolling process. It has been seen that good mechanical properties are evident in the alloy without heat treatment due to the strain hardening and also the mechanical properties are improved after heat treatment and rolling process but with lower forces and stresses when compared with the untreated.