GLCMs Based multi-inputs 1D CNN Deep Learning Neural Network for COVID-19 Texture Feature Extraction and Classifcation


Coronavirus disease 2019 epidemic (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that appeared because of the newest version ofdiscovered coronavirus. The advent and rapid spread of this disease over the world necessitated a concerted effort tocontain and eradicate it. Computer Tomography (CT) imaging and X-Ray images are considered as one of the importantmedical examinations used for disease diagnosis. To speed up and confirm the correctness of the medical diagnosis,many artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning methods are proposed. In this paper, a new and efficientproposed system is introduced to extract appropriate and meaningful features for CT scans and X-Ray COVID-19 images. The proposed method depends on extracting statistical texture features of the images using the GLCM method. TheGLCMs matrices are extracted from different three quantized versions of the original image in different distances anddirections. New multi-inputs 1D CNN architecture of the deep neural network is implemented to extract the effectivefeatures directly from GLCMs matrices after reducing its dimensions using the PCA technique. Three datasets are usedto evaluate our method that includes SARS-CoV-2 CT-scan, COVID-CT, and DLAI3 Hackathon COVID-19 Chest X-Raydatasets. The proposed system achieved a classification improvement in terms of accuracy, F1 score, and AUC metricscompared with other methods and exceeds 98%, 89%, and 93% for three datasets, respectively.