The use of rubber ropes and their impact on learning some artistic gymnastics skills on the floor movement device


Through the use of devices and aids, many aspects are gainedKnowledge, skill, development and acceleration of the motor learning process in addition to saving effortA time spent in teaching and learning gymnastics skills.Learning problems have been observed for several reasons, most notably poor physical qualitiesSpecial skills in the performance of the horse device with handles for students of faculties of educationSports requires high flexibility in the spine and pelvic joint in addition toAn attribute of prolonged strength for the muscles of the arms and shoulder for the purpose of resting and switching workarms and neuromuscular coordination, as well as in the muscles of the trunk that work onLifting the torso to the sides with the help of the muscles of the thigh and legs, and the inability of the playerFrom the initial performance of the skill, he cannot take a clear picture of the performanceKinetic is a necessities of motor learning, it was necessary to find a way to helpIn teaching this skill by designing and manufacturing an educational handles device and following the principle ofThe gradient in the difficulty of performance (device measurements) to facilitate the motor learning process.The aim of the research: to identify the effect of using the auxiliary means (rubber ropes) onThe process of motor learning for the skills of the front and back hands jump.The hypothesis of the research was: The use of rubber ropes has a significant effect on teaching my skillsFront and back hands jump.In his study, the researcher used the experimental method in line with the nature of the research problemApplied to (24) students of the University of Al-Qadisiyah College of Physical Education and Sports SciencesThe third stage, and they were divided into two groups, experimental and control, and a curriculum was preparedAn educational program that includes exercises and includes the use of rubber ropesThe tribal tests, then the educational curriculum, and then the post tests.The results of the tests were processed by the appropriate statistical means to determine the level of the difference afterApplying work on rubber ropes using the educational curriculum on the research sample.The researcher concluded the following: The rubber ropes helped in the process of supporting the student inThe main section of the skill was a substitute for manual assistance and has positively affected theThe level and speed of learning, and the use of a device installed on the player's body gives a perception ofSkill details and in light of these conclusions, the researcher recommends the following, the use ofRubber ropes as an aid in some skills in the gymnastics lesson, especiallyIt develops the player's strength through the standing of the ropes. Conduct similar researchUsing aids to teach some movements on other devices.