Characteristics of the Rain System in Diyala Governorate, Iraq for the Period (1988-2017)


The rain of the most important forms of precipitation in the province of Diyala in Iraq, and with the relevant document in various aspects of life, the amount of rain and the season Fallen has the effect of directly to the ustainability of life for any region. The article deals with the system characteristics of rain, giving a look around the monthly, quarterly and annual changes to the amount of rainfall as well as to find out the value of the deviation from average in the period (1988-2017), as well as knowing the number of more and less years for the amount of rainfall, and the difference in the percentage of seasons contribution to the amount of rain and was the largest contribution in the winter, which is limited Between (50.91%) and (47.26%) and no summer contribution was recorded. The study analyzes the monthly changes of the more and less rains, depending on the amount of monthly rains. Thus, the number of rainy days, quarterly and annual and the oscillation factor, and the rain falls due to the arrival of the Mediterranean low air, the fronts and the type of cold air masses connected to the study area. As the amount of rain falling shows cases fallen and severity of changes induced by spatial and temporal is one of the things important in the management of water resources in the river Diyala and storage of water rain in tanks , dams and lakes (Hamrin and Udhaim), and take advantage in the summer, as well as in the fields of urban, tourism and agricultural planning, where they are utilized in determining the type of agriculture and seasonality and the types of crops that can be grown in the study area, and to avoid any problems that may occur due to the lack of rain falling, lies the importance of research in the study of rain precipitation characteristics and to identify the geographical distribution of rain in Diyala