Natural Radioactivity Evaluation and Radiological Peril in some soil specimens of Al-Taimeem Area in Al-Anbar Province, Iraq


In the present work, the radioactivity of ten soil specimens has been measured,which were gathered from various sites from AL-Taimeem area in Al-Anbarprovince, The qualitative activity of natural radionuclides 238U, 232Th and 40K for soilspecimens were evaluated by utilizing gamma-ray spectroscopy with NaI(Tl)detector of (3"×3") dimension. The results revealed that, the qualitative activity, for238U was varied from (14.730 Bq/kg) to (28.070 Bq/kg), for 232Th was varied from(16.510 Bq/kg) to (29.480 Bq/kg), for 40K was varied from (143.820 Bq/kg) to(231.550 Bq/kg) ,with an average values of (21.152±2.98 Bq/kg) , (24.219±3.93Bq/kg), (190.720±22.20 Bq/kg), successively. To survey the radiological peril insoil, radium effective activity, absorbed gamma dose in air, annual effective doseequivalent (inner and outer), gamma concentration level index and both (interior andexterior) radiation peril index have been computed, and all the existed results wereless than recommended by the International Committee for the Radiation Protection(ICRP).