The relationship between auditor industry specialization and investment efficiency mediated corporate governance An applied study on a sample of Iraqi companies


The research aims to know the relationship between the auditor industry specialization and the efficiency of investment through the mediation of corporate governance represented by its mechanisms (the independence of the board of directors, the size of the board of directors, concentration of ownership, institutional ownership), by applying to a sample of companies listed in the Iraqi Stock Exchange for the period extending from 2011 to 2019, the research dealt with a content analysis method for the annual financial statements of a sample of (12) companies distributed into (6) banks and (6) industries, as well as the use of industrially specialized external audit offices, their reports and interviews. Correlation and regression models were used in the examination of The relationship and the effect between those variables, and the research concluded that there is insufficient interest for companies in the Iraqi environment to rely on audit offices distinguished by industry specialization, and that the impact of the auditor industry specialization of the on investment efficiency increases positively when the mechanisms of corporate governance are mediated.