Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Ownership of Housing Units in the City of Erbil for the Year 2021


Housing is considered as one of the basic necessities of living, and its importance comes in the second degree of life’s priorities after food. It is the place where a person spends most of his time, takes care of his family, and regains his strength to start his work again, meaning that a person enjoys privacy and belonging. The study is aimed at estimating the factors affecting housing ownership in the city of Erbil, using the logistic standard econometric model as a quantitative method through the use of the E-views 10 package, and depending on seven independent variables: (Family income, Housing price, Family size, The gender of the head of the family, Number of workers in a family, Number of years of service for the head of the family, and the educational attainment of the head of the family). Data collected in a sample of (564) during the year 2021 using a special questionnaire form. The hypothesis of the study is that "the explanatory variables have a significant effect on household ownership of housing". The study concluded that most of the explanatory variables included have a significant effect on the captives’ ownership of housing and that the family size variable has the greatest and positive morale effect on the probability of owning housing, followed by years of service to the head of the family, and then the family’s income. One of the most important proposal of the study is to resume granting a property loans, especially for those who have more years of service and who have large family sizes.