Identifying and analyzing the effects of electric fields on erythrocyte sedimentation rate.


Introduction: The influence of electric field on the nature of blood flow and cells is controversial. Erythrocytes sedimentation rate (ESR) examination is a recommended approach to diagnose a few health conditions such as polymyalgia rheumatic and temporal arteritis.Aim: In this study, we aimed to evaluate the effect of electric field on ESR of human male and female blood samples.Method: Healthy blood samples were exposed with electric field (in-vitro) with various exposure intensities. The Westergren method used to examine ESR in-vitro.Results: An increase of ESR was shown in blood samples of both genders at low to high exposure intensities. Female blood samples got a higher ESR than that of male blood samples at low exposure filed. However, that trend turned to opposite at high exposure electric field. Compare to untreated blood samples, the largest rate of ERS variation, for male and female blood samples, were about 140% versus a 135% respectively due to 72 V/m of exposure.Conclusion: Consequently, electric field produces an influence on the blood red cells sedimentation depending on the exposure intensity.