Assessing the performance of a sustainable manufacturing system through sustainable value stream maps:A case study in a diesel power plant north of Diwaniyah


Abstract :The current research seeks to prove the possibility of evaluating the sustainable manufacturing system in the North Diwaniyah Diesel plant using the sustainable value stream map, and how it can contribute to improving the performance of the station case study and reducing pollution in its operations, by understanding the sustainable manufacturing system in terms of methods and practices used in its application as A modern and contemporary administrative entrance, and what this system reflects from the important aspects represented in reducing the pollution processes occurring in the station’s activities, case study, and improving the performance of its operations, in a way that contributes to the elimination of harmful environmental waste and by highlighting the sustainable value stream map in the station case study.Focusing on the environmental issue and trying to protect the environment is crucial and thus sustainability became attractive concepts in the industry and manufacturing system during these years. In recent years, the concept of sustainability has gradually developed and begun to gain international attention. An environmentally friendly product and completely sustainable manufacturing system helps the organization reduce the use of materials and enhance the competitiveness of the business. In other words, sustainability is a weapon used to help organizations perform well, not only environmentally, but also socially and economically.