Mycobiota and Pathogenic Bacteria Assoclated with Sediments and Water in AL_musharah Water Project within Missan Province in Iraq


A total of forty three fungal species were isolated from sedimentation tanks in Al-Musharah water project in Missan province ,southern marsh area of Iraq , the isolated fungi included one new first record species Allysedium sp., has been isolated from sedimentation tanks , mentioned new record fungus was described and illustrated and added to Iraqi fungi. Eight fungal species also were isolated from final product tank . Results revealed that water samples taken from site 1 from Al-Musharah sub district of Missan province was contaminated with faecal coliforms 1,600 colony per 100 ml. and from site 4 within water network of Al-Musharah water project was contaminated with faecal coliforms with 11 colony per 100 ml