Anglo-Burmese Wars 1824-1885


Britain sought to maintain its colonial presence and its position among the major powers, but it did not allow another force to threaten its interests, especially its interests in India. For a number of Arakanese residents to launch attacks on the Burmese forces that pursued them inside those lands, which aroused the British authorities in India, which denounced those actions and worsened the situation between the two parties until the first British Burmese war was declared in 1824 and then followed by the second Burmese war in 1851 after the kings tried Burma proved their political presence in their country, and those wars ended with the third British Burmese war in 1885, which led to Britain imposing its control over the entirety of Burma, driven by political and economic factors taking advantage of the state of disintegration and military weakness of Burma, as well as the mismanagement of its successive governments and the outbreak of popular revolutions against it.