French Ambassador Ernest Constans and its political and economic role in the Ottoman Empire 1898-1909


There are certainly a few ambassadors of the third French Republic has a similar diplomatic march for Ernst Constance, during his long term of office, he has largely decided to practice a policies followed by France in the Ottoman Empire. He was able to form a general policy of the French government close to his convictions Through traditional means, such as convincing French foreign ministers to adopt their views often, however, he was directly contrary to the wishes of foreign ministry officials, one of the few ambassadors of the third French Republic who acted independently. In this research, There is try to show the extent of the political and economic impact that Constance on the overall French-Ottoman relations during his long service as an ambassador in the Ottoman Empire and the most important issues in which, and the opposition faced at home and abroad, and his personal attention to enrich his official work, And try to answer the next question: How could he practice such an extraordinary Influence.