Functional Maturity and Its Impact on Achieving Strategic Sovereignty


This research aims to test the relationship of the effect that career maturity has on strategic sovereignty by identifying the impact of the dimensions of job maturity represented by (job planning, job training, crystallizing work trends, decision-making ability). On strategic sovereignty in its dimensions represented by (circle of influence, competitive pressure, competitive formation). The private colleges in the city of Baghdad were chosen to form the research community, and the research sample was represented by administrative leaders who are at the level (deans, assistant deans, heads of departments). Which included the senior administrative leaders (145) individuals in (10) private colleges in the city of Baghdad, and the questionnaire was relied on As a tool for measuring research variables, and in order to process the data, a number of statistical methods were used using the statistical program (SPSS.V.23, Amos.V.25). The researchers adopted the descriptive analytical approach in completing this research, and the research came out with a set of results, the most important of which is the existence of a significant effect relationship between the study variables in the higher administrations in the colleges investigated.