Trend Analysis of Annual Surface Air Temperature for Some Stations over Iraq


Surface Air Temperature (SAT) is an important weather element affecting the climate and its nature, as it greatly affects the nature of the atmosphere prevailing in the city of Baghdad, as well as the main influence on the pressure systems affecting Iraq and thus the city of Baghdad. In this study, the annual SAT for three aspects of temperatures (mean, maximum, and minimum) for Baghdad city of approved 11 years had studied, analyzed and discussed. The sources of data came from two sources. First, Iraqi Meteorological Organization and Seismology (IMOS), whichrepresented the arithmetic average annually of the SAT, maximum and minimum temperature for the period (2009 – 2019). Second source of data was from Mustansiriyah University, atmospheric sciences department of Atmospheric Sciences - college of Science, the data are supported as monthly average for SAT for Baghdad. Results shown Basrah was high annual of SAT than four selective cities in Iraq. The variation of annual SAT was in the end study period where reach to 7 oC in mean of SAT for Basrah city. The trend of SAT for Baghdad city was positive for Mean and maximum, while negative for minimum case. Mustansiriyah station was high than IMOS station by 2 oC for mean of SAT, and 5 oC for maximum SAT.