Removal some types of heavy metals using kind bio-fungi


Bioremediation is a friendly and cheap way to remove minerals from the environment. Research has been conductedover the past five decades, anenormous amount of information has been collected about the types of different bio-sorbentsand their mechanism of mineral absorption. More research is needed to explore new bio-sorbent materials from the environment. Moreover, adeep insightneedednot onlyintothe method of demineralization but also its effective recovery.So that it can be getin usable form.Use of biomass to remove heavy metalswhichare absorbed simultaneously treating large quantities of sewage. No need for highly selective chemical additives to absorb and remove certain minerals operates over a wide range of conditions including temperature, pH, and presence other metal ions. Easy and cheaper absorption of minerals associated with biomassare essential toreducethe volume of waste or production of toxic substances