Lycopene Promotes Bone Met


Lycopene is antioxidants and natural substance which found in ‎large quantities in reddish color fruits, especially in tomatoes. Consuming lycopene, which is abundant in tomato plants and its products that made from tomatoes, reduce the risk and development of diseases like heart and cancer disease in several recent studies, in addition, lycopene levels in the blood and tissues are reversely related to these chronic diseases, however, studies and researches on the effects of lycopene on bones are rare. Lycopene can prevent loss of bone, especially, there are many drugs used to treat osteoporosis, but this treatment causes harmful side effects. This review outlines the currently available studies on lycopene ‎sources, structure and absorption. This review aims to summarize and investigation the effectiveness of lycopene on bone metabolism that include ‎formation and ‏resorption of bone through its effect on osteoblast cell, and Bone Mineral Density (BMD). Bone turnover signs in women after menopause were reviewed and hypotheses explores that its supplementation with lycopene would increase antioxidant capacity and decreasing oxidative stress parameters.‎