The Impact of Knowledge Management Strategies in Achieving the organizational Adaptation (An Analytical study of the views of a Sample of Personnel in zain Al-Iraq for the Mobile Telecommunication company in Babil and Karbala Provinces)


The most important elements of the success of business organizations is their ability to keep abreast of the latest changes witnessed in the era of the technological and information revolution as a result of the tremendous development of information and communication technology and its use in the field of information, which led to the urgent need to organize and manage this information wisely and responsibly to make the most of it in achieving the goals of the organizations Strategy and support of decision makers. The problem of research was the question of the extent to which knowledge management strategies and their implications for organizational adjustment were affected by a sample of employees of Zain Iraq Mobile Telecommunications Company The holy sites of Karbala and Babylon, and the search sought to achieve a set of goals based on the premise of the President and the other subsidiary. The questionnaire was used as a tool for collecting data and information related to the sample of the research. It was distributed to a sample of 70 persons, which included the cadre of the general managers, assistant managers, department managers and service providers in the company. The statistical methods showed a number of results, the most significant of which is the significant impact of knowledge management strategies on organizational adaptation. In view of the discussion of the results, there is a great importance for the concepts of knowledge management strategies and organizational adaptation, which requires the company to take care of knowledge management strategies for its role in achieving adaptation. Organizational structure.