Trend of money supply in Iraq and its relationship analysis In GDP for the period (2004-2018)


Abstract : Monetary policy is one of the requirements of economic policy for any of the countries, whether developed or developing. Especially Iraq as a country characterized by a rentier economy, and to the extent that it concerns money supply in Iraq in light, especially after 2004. The Iraqi economy has witnessed development. In this area during the period (2018 -2004) in view of the role adopted by the monetary policy represented by the Central Bank of Iraq, which was reflected in the changes in the structure of the broad money supply. The change of its trends according to the change in its components of the narrow money supply and quasi-money. It is importance in bringing about changes in the size and growth of the gross domestic product. The research found that there is a direct relationship between money supply and GDP despite the fluctuations in the trends of the wide money supply, in response to the research requirements. It included three axes, the first one included the concept of money supply and its relationship to the GDP in theory. While the second was devoted to the development Trends in the development of money supply in Iraq for the period (2004-2018). The third focuses on analyzing the relationship between money supply and gross domestic product in Iraq during the period (2004-2018)..