Strategic Sovereignty in the Context of A Ethical Climate A field study in a number of Iraqi universities


The aim of this research is to identify the role played by the ethical climate in achieving strategic sovereignty, among a selected sample of academic leaders in a number of Iraqi universities. Research objectives and hypotheses A hypothetical scheme was developed through which the nature of the logical relations between the research variables and its dimensions were determined. University of Tikrit, University of Anbar, University of Samarra, University of Fallujah) as a field for research through a sample of (204) academic leaders out of the total research community of (432) academic leaders, as the forms valid for statistical analysis were (193) questionnaire forms.The research came out with a set of conclusions and recommendations that were consistent with its hypotheses, the most important of which were: The achievement of strategic sovereignty in Iraqi universities, the research sample, depends largely on the presence of an appropriate ethical climate in it, which encourages employees to present their best skills and enables leaders to make more objective decisions that are The secret of the success and excellence of organizations.