The Challenges Facing Iraqi Universities in the Digital Transformation Era Analytical Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Iraqi Academics in the City of Amara


Abstract : The current study aimed to identify the most important challenges that organizations face in light of digital transformation. Therefore, the problem of the current study was identified on diagnosing how the organizations of study sample on facing the challenges of digital transformation, and for the purpose of achieving its goals and answering its questions, the study adopted the questionnaire as a main tool for obtaining the required data and information. The sample of the study consisted of (92) Iraqi academics in the Iraqi colleges in the city of Amara, and for the purpose of analyzing their answers, a number of statistical methods were used, represented by the arithmetic mean, the standard deviation, and the (t-test). The study reached a set of theoretical and applied conclusions, the most important of which is that Academics in the faculties surveyed have an objective view of the challenges facing their faculties in light of digital transformation.