Repetition and Its Influence on the Text Coherence A study in Bashar bin Bard's Poetry


This paper highlights on the repetition's structure , which is considered one of the prominent mechanisms, methods and Rhythmic and Textual methods that achieve the text coherence. Repetition also is considered one of textual phenomenon that creates a structural and semantic correlation to the poetic texts. This paper is divided into two chapters, the first chapter is a preface for the textual coherence concept, the meaning of repetition, the influence of sounds assembles and vocabularies in achieving the textual coherence and the main patterns of repetition and methods that the textual coherence can be seen and observed. While chapter two includes an applied study for the role of repetition in the textual coherence on Bashar Bin Bard's poetry, and this chapter includes many kinds of repetitions such as the introductory, cumulative, vertical repetition and also the sound assemblies and duals that are related to a sound relationship. Finally, this paper come up with many results that reveal the manifestations of textual coherence and their role in Bashar bin Bard's poetry, observing them by relying on these manifestations. The mentioned manifestations made the poetry of Bashar Bin Bard well coherence and polished.