The Use of Cartographic congruence to Infer the Risks of Desertification in Zubair District


The map is defined as a symbolic interpretation of the real world. The design of the desertification risk map is the process through which the real world is abstracted and modeled through symbols, through the modeling and the simulation of reality and transforming it into a digital map that expresses the subjective characteristics of the geographical phenomenon in a manner of abstraction from the truth, with the aim of building a model (MODEL) to infer the environmental risks of desertification by simulating the environmental reality of desertification risks and degrees within the environment of geographic information systems (ARC TOOLS BOX), in order to obtain an Automated Query system, Geographical information systems. The remote sensing data are among the most successful methods in building models that simulate reality as they provide an appropriate software environment, aiming at simulating reality, accuracy in results, speed in performance and ease of use, since most of the methods that estimated the risks of desertification are descriptive equations that did not care for processing and spatial modeling by using modern technologies.