Sibling violence and its dangers in the same family The story of Cain and Abel -a model-


The research tagged "fraternal violence and its danger within the family" dealt with the story of Cain and Abel in the Qur'an - a model" showing the seriousness of violence that occurs within the same family, with the risks it contains of the dismantling of that family, as the family is rarely free of this violence, and perhaps Cain and Abel are the best example of this danger. Violence has reached the point of murder, the importance of the research emerges: by showing that fraternal violence is more dangerous than external aggression as it is within the family. The research was divided into an introduction, two chapters, and a conclusion. The introduction contained the importance of the topic, its objectives and the reason for choosing it, As for the first topic: it dealt with the concept of fraternal violence, its causes, its treatment, and its danger, and the second topic: it dealt with violence in the story of Cain and Abel by explaining the motivation for violence, its types and its impact on the story. The research ended with a conclusion that included the most important findings and recommendations of the research.