The determining factors of the financial structure and ‎their impact on financial performance: A study of a ‎sample of Iraqi companies registered in the Iraqi Stock ‎Exchange


This study aimed to reveal the determinants of the financial ‎structure and their impact on the financial performance of a ‎sample of companies listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange. ‎The study sample consisted of (43) companies listed in the ‎Iraq Stock Exchange which include (16) companies from ‎the banking sector, (10) companies from the industrial ‎sector, (5) companies from the insurance sector, (7) ‎companies from the tourism and hotels sector (5) A ‎company from the service sector, for the period (2009-‎‎2018). The financial performance is represented by ‎profitability indicators measured by return on assets ‎‎(ROA), return on equity (ROE) and return on investment ‎‎(ROI). ‎The descriptive statistics and multiple regression are used, ‎in addition to the use of some statistical methods such as ‎‎(arithmetic mean and standard deviation), as well as the the ‎program (Eviews v.12). After conducting the analysis of ‎the study data and testing its hypotheses, the study reached ‎several conclusions, the most important of which are:‎There is a statistically significant effect of the determinants ‎of the financial structure on the financial performance of ‎the companies of the study sample sectors, and we ‎conclude that the determinants addressed by the research ‎represented in (company size, growth rate, company assets ‎structure) had an impact on the performance structure The ‎financial return represented in the return on assets, return ‎on owners' equity and the return on the invested capital.‎