Commitment To Ensuring The Safety Of The Vaccinated Person (Covid-19)


After more than a year of the emergence of the Corona virus, the still confronts this pandemic which forms a serious threat to humankind. So, huge efforts have been taken to find a medical treatment in order to eliminate or minimize the danger of coronavirus which threatens human life. As a result of those efforts, a set of vaccines were produced by international specialized companies, but the extreme necessity of the vaccines and the lack of time as well as the required urgency to save people’s lives have created fear and amongst individuals about taking that vaccination, which drew the attention of countries, including Iraq, to the need to find legal formulas to determine legal liability for the damage that may accompany this vaccine, which might encourage individuals to receive the (Covid-19) vaccination. the Iraqi legislator organized a set of provisions that clarified the meaning of some relevant medical terms, as well as determining the responsible parties for providing and using the tools for the process of receiving the (Covid-19) vaccination and the extent of that responsibility, which requires the need to examine those provisions and whether they are sufficient in providing legal security for individuals.