The Repetition and its Effect on the Cohesion of the Text in Ibn al-Rumi's Poetry


The repetition in its simplest definition is to return a lexical element or a rhyme to its synonym or pseudo-synonym, absolute element, or generic name. It is a repetition of a word or a number of words at the beginning of each sentence to confirm, and this repetition in the apparent text makes a link between the parts of the text clearly. It is a form of assignment to the former as it turned out through the definition of (repetitive reference) of them refer to the first, and then the link between them, and thus between the sentence or paragraph in which the first party of the two ends of the repetition, the sentence or paragraph contained in the second party of the two ends of repetition. The poems are characterized by Ibn al-Roumi logical progression through the unity of objectivity, which is based on the progressive presentation, there is a scene begins by the poet and then goes to other scenes that the poet displayed sequentially, and this makes the person who hears the poetry expected at some point of the poem and what will come then. This systematic progression continues to the conclusion of the poem, the poet evaluates some of its repetitions on the basis of an organized presentation, and this leads to the completion of the poem text, regardless of the length of the poem or shortness, as that is the implied moral relationship, and this means that there are linguistic relationships Physical bond also. For all of the above, I will mention examples of Ibn al-Roumi's poetry written in accordance with this repetitive system that contributed to the coherence of the text.