Al-Hafiz Al-Dhahabi's Saying "Middle Predicate" in his Book Al-Muhadhdhab in Abbreviation Al-Sunan Al-Kabeer - A Critical Study


This research dealt with a part of the critical aspects and judgment on the narrations and an explanation of the degree of their chains of transmission according to Al-Hafiz Al-Dhahabi (may God have mercy on him), as he is one of the prominent figures in the service of Hadith and its sciences.The term “isnad al-wasat” is used by some of the ancient hadiths, and they meant by it that the hadith is valid to be invoked and that it falls within the circle of acceptance.Such a critical study is revealing of modern terminology, contributing to the enrichment of these topics, which helps researchers and specialists to understand the intention of the craftsmen, and to know the exact degree of narrations for the purpose of benefiting from them, and God knows best.