Measuring the efficiency of a same financial markets at the weak level: Analytical study in a same local and international financial markets


The research aims to identify the test of the efficiency of the financial market at the weak level. As well as to make proposals that can be a seed for diagnosis and treatment, through a systematic framing that can lead investors, and to contribute to strengthening the movement of funds and investments then to positively reflected in economic activity and the financial market. Relying on published monthly data on market indices (Iraq, Egypt, Germany, and the United States) for the period from 2015 to 2020. Were used to measure market efficiency are Descriptive statistics, autocorrelation tests, and runs test. It indicates the inability of investors in the DAX30 index to reap high returns. The research also presented a set of proposals, perhaps the most important of which is to oblige the companies listed in the ISX60 index and the EGX30 index to strictly apply the disclosure requirements because of their impact on determining the level of efficiency of the financial market.