Bhopia in the novel Frankentein in Baghdad


Abstract :The research deals with the theme of fear ,terror and chaos that dominated Iraqi society after 2003 ,and the regime change in Iraq and the entry of the USA coalition forces .and the violent escalation that accompanied these events at all economic .political and religious levels .the resultof these changes was harsh for the Iraqi people .who had been sufferingfrom their .complications for many years . there for , we find that thewriter in the novel Frankenstein in Baghdad shed light on some of theevents that shook and terrified Iraqi society . to portray to the world theextent of the pain and suffering that this people inflicted on.The author mentioned some of the characters ,places and events thatwere the scene of conflict. And when we say conflict it is a struggle in allits horrific and frightening meaning. It was a struggle on all levels andpolitical ,religious ,sectarian and other levels .therefor ,the Iraqi personhat to adapt and live amid all these contradictions that are taking placearound him.