The main problem of the present study may be attributed to the fact that some politicians use different ranges and patterns of intonation when they want to express different emotions and attitudes that underlie different pragmatic forces Therefore , some EFL and ESL learners face difficulties in understanding the intended meaning of political speeches . The study aims at identifying the pragmatic force of intonation in some political speeches together with identifying pitch variations that are determined by various syntactic constructions that impart the illocutionary forces of political speeches .The procedures used in this paper are: first, collecting and classifying speeches by Obama from the internet and YouTube; second ,analyzing the data collected by adopting Roach’s patterns and pragmatic function of intonation (2009) The paper consists of two sections .Section one is a review of literature that comprises the basic terms that are of relevant to the study. Section two deals with the practical part of the study which provides the methodology , data analysis and results of the study. The main conclusions that the paper has come up with are : (1) meaning is changed by virtue of ranges of intonation, (2) pragmatics changes emotions from one person to another by rising or falling the voice of the speaker , (3) some speakers tend to use low and /or high pitches to meet certain pragmatic forces.