A model for evaluating the applications of teaching methods for students Art Education Department


The university teacher must be familiar with the teaching skills required by the subject of art education in order to achieve the process of understanding and understanding on which any educational process is based.The current research aims to build a model for evaluating the applications of teaching skills for students of the Department of Art Education who are being prepared for the teaching profession.As the research community consisted of third-grade students in the Department of Art Education / College of Fine Arts - University of Baghdad for the academic year 2020-2021, and their number is (143) male and female students distributed over (8) classrooms, a random sample was selected from the third stage students / department Art education has reached (60) male and female students who apply teaching skills within the teaching methods subject prescribed in their stage.Based on the foregoing, the research came out with the most important results, which are:1- All paragraphs of the model were positive, but they ranged between degrees of severity (1.72 - 1.10) and weights of percentage ranged between (0.86 - 0.55).2- This result represents a good indication of the existence of a mental perception among the students of the Art Education Department about the teaching skills to be followed in the application of the educational content of this subject.Based on the findings, the research concluded with the most important conclusions:1 - Since the educational content of the subject of Art Education requires a set of skills for the purpose of applying it well, so it is necessary for students to be familiar with these skills for the purpose of employing them in the teaching process during their application in secondary schools.2- The educational and behavioral goals are clearly and deliberately defined so that they become a path for the components of the educational content, and their results can be observed and measured according to the cognitive and skill performance of students during their application in secondary schools.