Numerical Simulation of Two Dimensional Transient Natural Convection Heat Transfer from Isothermal Horizontal Cylindrical Annuli


Numerical solutions are presented for the transient natural convection heat transfer problem in horizontal isothermal cylindrical annuli, enclosed in heated inner and cooled outer cylinders. Solutions for laminar case were obtained within Grashof number based on the inner diameter which varied from 1x10^2 to 1x10^5 in air. Both vorticity and energy equations were solved using alternating direction implicit (ADI) method and stream function equation by successive over relaxation (SOR) method. The structure of fluid flow such as a velocity vector and temperature distribution as well as Nusselt number were obtained and the effect of diameter ratio on them is examined. In addition, the Grashof number was changed with the influence of variation Prandtle number and diameter ratio. Our numerical calculation are summarized by Nussult number vs. Grashof number curves with diameter ratios and prandtl as a parameter, which serves as a guide to natural convection heat transfer calculated from annulus. Good agreement with previous data were obtained.