Isolation and Identification of Sensor and Resistance Bacteria to Lead and Mercury and Assess an Activity in Sensor and Removal


Study was conducted to isolate and diagnosis of bacterial which sensitive and resistance for components of Hg and Pb, and the ability of these isolate for resistance to remove high concentrations of Pb and Hg from components derived soil extract. Personalize Enterobacter cloacae 2w isolated filename as isolated from soil extract wetthass to a concentration of 5 mg Pb/L and 0.25 mg Hg/l. It also found that isolation resistance and treatable with ordinary two Pseudomonas putida1N resisted concentration was 150 mg Pb/L and 3.5 mg Hg/l. And isolation resistance added massively vaccine Center 6.2 Log cfu/ml of growth density 6.5 Log cfu/ml with a shot in the Center to focus 90 mg Pb/L and remove 60% of It also has the same isolation of growth-intensive 4.5 Log cfu/ml a concentration 3.5 mg Hg/L and remove 68.9 percent during a incubation of 48 hours.