The Analysis of the relationship of climatic drought to wind erosion and its future prospects in Najaf Governorate


The research aims to reveal the impact of climatic drought on wind erosion, study the elements and some climatic phenomena, and show the presence of fluctuation in them and their reflection on climatic drought, and that the prevailing dry climate type helped increase the values of wind erosion in the region The effects of drought that were monitored through the two satellite visual (2000-2019) were reflected, which led to clear changes in the manifestations of drought represented in the area of water cover , which amounted to about (44.9) in the year 2000, and increased in 2019 to (281.8). As for the area of the plant cover, it was (988.4) in the year 2000, and decreased in 2019 to (613.4), and the area of saline lands in the year 2000 amounted to (170.5) and increased in 2019 and reached (244.7), While the area of sand dunes in 2000 (121.4) increased in 2019 to (588.9). As for the area of barren lands in 2000 (37391) and in 2019 if it reached (36,872.5), By analyzing the quantitative results, it was found that there is a positive relationship between climatic drought represented by (thermal range, effective rain, wind speed) and wind erosion, which amounted to (0.83), and the R2 coefficient reached (70%), which indicates a strong relationship between them.