The aesthetics of contradiction in the political poetry of Muhammad Mahdi Al-Jawahiri


Al-Jawahiri's poetry contained various artistic aesthetics, especially his political poetry. It has stored a dense aesthetic material that calls for monitoring, tracking and extensive study; Therefore, in this article, we seek to study the aesthetics of Contradiction and its artistic and semantic role in al-Jawahiri's political poetry with the aim of clarifying its secondary connotations. The research concluded that the poet embodied through contrast the reality of the Arab nation in the shadow of Western colonialism within the axes of Iraq, Syria and Algeria. In addition to the embodiment of reality, the poet urged revolution and uprising against Western colonialism. And he sought to liberate the Arab countries from the bondage of colonialism, so the article seeks to answer the following question: How was the aesthetic contrast manifested in Al-Jawahiri’s political poetry, and what is its most prominent significance?