Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation of Mobile Phones on Sperms Shape and Number in Male Albino Mice


The majority of adult populations throughout the world currently use and are exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones, and male infertility accounts for around half of all cases worldwide. The goal of this study was to evaluate the impacts of radiation from mobile phones on morphology and the number of sperm in male albino mice in both talking and non-talking modes. In this investigation, twenty-four mice were used and separated into three groups each of eight mice. The first group was the control group; exposed to a switched-off mobile phone for two hours per day. While, the second group was exposed to a mobile phone with non-talking mode for 2 hours per day, and the third group to a mobile phone in talking mode for 20 minutes per day. All mice were tested for sperm shape abnormalities and sperm count tests after six weeks of treatment. Results of the current work showed that exposed group G3 (mobile phone in talking mode) have significant changes in sperms shape and decline in sperm count in comparison with control group (G1). While the limited handling of mobile phone without talking (for about two hours per a day, G2 group) has no bad effects on sperms morphology and concentration in compare with the control group (G1).