Comparative Study of Four Controllers Applied on Shunt-Excited DC Motor


Engineering control problems include several types of nonlinear dynamics. This paper presents the stabilization design problem for the Single Input Single Output (SISO) nonlinear control system. A case study, which includes the stabilization problem of shunt-excited DC motor, is considered in this work by establishing the basic form of the nonlinear control law and applying four types of control techniques including diffeomorphisme and feedback linearization. The proposed controllers are two feedback controllers, zero dynamics controller and Lyapunov controller. Different initial conditions for each proposed controller are numerically simulated using MATLAB®Simulink®. Consequently, the energy of each control signal and the corresponding energy of the state are computed and compared to evaluate each considered control technique. As a result, the zero dynamics controller has the advantage of being the simplest controller design and generate the minimum controller energy consumption relative to other proposed controllers. Moreover, the Lyapunov controller method leads to satisfactory behavior in means of minimum transient response of the dynamical system states comparing to other propose controllers.