Cancer Stem Cell Markers in Iraqi Patients with Solid Tumor: Review Article


Cancer stem cells (CSCs) or in another term, tumor intimation cells (TICs), represent a small distinct subpopulations cells within cancer cells which have capability for potential self-regeneration and cell proliferation. During division, TICs or CSCs produced two deferent cell types; one cell is progenitor cell and anther is tumor cell that drive tumor initiation and tumor progression. Previous studies on cancer stem cell markers in solid tumor types that including breast cancer, colon cancer and thyroid cancer have using specific markers to detect cancer stem cells, but it is remain not fully clear as the stem cell stairway these markers collapse. In this study we compounded moreover by the existence of multiple cancer stem cell subtypes within solid tumors, making realization depending on the use of different markers. This mini review paper concentrate on the recent information in cancer stem cell markers including aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH1A1), CD44 , ATP binding protein G2( ABCG2) or breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP) and OCT3/4 highlight their used and validity in Iraqi patients with solid tumors.