The Impact of COVID 19 on Non-verbal Politeness


In the light of the great changes in the world due to Corona pandemic (henceforth COVID 19), and the weakness of communication imposed by the pandemic, the world has found a way to communicate and overcome the difficulties that people face during communication with the continuation of the pandemic. Even with the pandemic, politeness emerges in its most useful form. It is possible that nonverbal communication can be more effective in the current circumstances. Thus, different types of non-verbal communication are employed to express politeness and courtesy such as: facial expression, eye contact, haptics, proxemics, gestures, etc. These categories of non-verbal communication are of great use for effective social communication. They are expressed and used for different functions such as: to show respect and privacy or to express politeness. Nowadays, these cues are employed in an effective and special way to face the circumstances imposed by Corona pandemic and keep contact with others in a save way with the sense of politeness. This study aims at presenting different categories of non-verbal communication in the light of politeness, It also aims at explaining and analyzing different functions of these cues and showing how these cues are affected by Corona pandemic. It tries to answer the question 'to what extent could Corona pandemic affects the use of certain cues of non-verbal politeness. This study concludes that most of the non-verbal cues are corresponded differently according to the situation to express politeness. Non-verbal politeness is employed extremely to serve the current situation imposed by the pandemic. Non-verbal politeness responds positively to the effects of Corona pandemic.